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Have you ever had a salesperson you felt comfortable around? There are reasons why. Weather naturally or they had trained themselves to do so. You can relate to someone through mannerisms and voice. If you are soft spoken and go to buy from someone who speaks really loud you are not gong to feel very comfortable around that person. A professional would lower their voice in this situation. If you talk fast, a professional is going to speed up their speech. If you talk in long sentences, a professional is going to do the same.

Mirroring somebody is going to make them feel more comfortable and able them to relate to you. With a client, whatever their personality is, the closer you are to them, the closer they will feel to you. The more they think they know you, the faster they will let down their guard. When your client lets down their guard it is easier for them to tell you what they want.

So always take the time to get in sync with your customer. If they talk really fast, talk faster. If they talk real quite, talk quite. If they use long sentences, use long sentences. If they use a certain tone, try to get to that tone. This is what I call their rhythm . The better you get at mirroring your client the better they will understand you and the more they believe you understand them. By doing this you will also better understand them. You are putting yourself in their shoes. You will become more efficient at helping them get what they want.

I went to buy from people before; wanted what they had but I felt they were so different from me I couldn t buy from them. On the other hand I have had sales people who spoke my language, didn t have exactly what I wanted, but I bought from them anyway. They were so in tune with me, they took so much time to get to know my rhythm and what I wanted: of course I bought from them. That is the power of getting in tune with your customer. Do it and you sales will increase; I guarantee it.

Richard Cannon, The TeleSales Recruiter started selling candy in school when he was 8 years old. He s been selling ever since. In his 30 s he was looking for a sales job he could do from home that was in line with his purpose. He looked and looked and couldn t find the right one. He swore some day he would make it easier for people to find great sales jobs they can do from home. He built a crew of work from home people, but couldn t help everyone because they were not all passionate about what he was selling. So now, he assist s salespeople in figuring out what their purpose is. Then he finds them an opportunity that is in line with that purpose. Now they make more money selling something they love.